02.19.24 - Monday 9:15 am - 5:00 pm

WAIMEA FILM FESTIVAL - HIFF HANA HOU @ the Historic Waimea Theater

Asian Pacific films including an encore of award-winning films & sleepers from the Hawaii International Film Festival 43. Trailers and film summaries on  www.WaimeaTheater.com.

$10 tickets sold at the Box Office and $30 All Day Pass includes special meal (served at 12:30 pm) and can be purchased online.

10:00 am     Unfinished Story (1hr:04min)

11:30 am     Tokyo Cowboy (1hr:58min)

                     Brash businessman Hideki arrives in Montana having convinced his Tokyo bosses he can turn a profitless US cattle ranch into a premiere-performing asset. Yet when his Hardee’s-burger-loving Japanese Wagyu-beef expert fails him, Hideki is poised to misfire magnificently unless he identifies a missing element that’s key to the transformation… himself.

2:00pm         Island Cowgirls (57min)

                     Pacific Heartbeat: Island Cowgirls presents two stories about the uncertain futures for two Hawaiian paniolo. One prepares to graduate from high school, and must make the decision whether to stay home or leave; another plans for the future of her ranch while facing the uncertainty of the state-held lease of the land expiring soon.

3:00 pm        Still Serving (1hr:12min)

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