10:45 am: Taming Wild - A Girl and a Mustang follows the journey of Myrnah, a wild mustang with her own mind, strength and sense of independence, and Elsa, a trainer who used only body language--no ropes, halters, bridles or saddles. Screened together with Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom. (Film length is 43 minutes.)

Saturday - JUNE 10, 2017  | 10 am - 9 pm | $10 General Admission

10:00 am: Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom: In this quality, introspective documentary, Walker has captured mother nature both at her cruelest and at her most nurturing. Juxtaposed with the harrowing stories of many residents who lived through the tsunami and its aftermath - including the extraordinary threat posed by the flooding of the Fukushima nuclear plant -- is the springtime blooming of Japan's famous sakura, or cherry blossoms. One man, who has inherited the position of orchard cherry master from the past fifteen generations of his family, describes nature's dichotomy of beauty and terror. Screened together with Taming Wild. (Film length is 38 minutes.)

6:00 pm: Wayfinders:  A Pacific Odyssey: Polynesian sea voyaging tradition comes to life again. Hawaiians built a traditional sailing canoe, then navigated across long distances using only natural signs: the sun, the moon, the stars and the ocean, on a voyage in the wake of their ancestors thus creating the revival of the culture. (Film length is 60 minutes.)

4:15 pm: Haida Gwaii: On the Edge of the World is an inspiring and hopeful story set on the pristine Haida Gwaii archipelago, showing how the distinct world view of this 14,000 year old society is co-mingling with an influx of progressive, modern urbanites to create a sustainable world that well may survive the formidable challenges of the 21st century. (Film length is 74 minutes.)

Special Events

3:00 pm: Red Gold -  Bristol Bay region of southwest Alaska is home to the two most prolific sockeye salmon runs left in the world. Mining companies, have proposed a mine at the headwaters of the two rivers. The area has the largest deposit of copper and gold ever discovered. The accident-plagued history of hard rock mining has wrought one of the biggest land use controversies Alaska has ever faced. Red Gold gives a voice to the people who depend on this extraordinary fishery. (Film length is 55 minutes.)

12:00 pm: How to Change the World chronicles the adventures of an eclectic group of young pioneers - Canadian hippie journalists, photographers, musicians, scientists and American draft dodgers - who set out in 1971 to stop Richard Nixon's atomic bomb tests in Amchitka, Alaska, and ended up creating the worldwide environmental movement. (Film length is 110 minutes.)

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