Saturday, November 18th, 2017 at 5:30 pm - $10 / General Admission or HIFF Kaua'i Pass
HAWAI'I: OUT OF STATE (Hawai'i Premiere)

Director: Ciara Lacy | Year: 2017  | Runtime: 79 minutes  |  Language: English, Hawaiian with English subtitles

Genre: Documentary, Native/Indigenous Peoples, Social Issues

Shipped thousands of miles away from the tropical islands of Hawaii to a private prison in the Arizona desert, two native Hawaiians discover their indigenous traditions from a fellow inmate serving a life sentence.  It's from this unlikely setting that David and Hale finish their terms and return to Hawaii, hoping for a fresh start. Eager to prove to themselves and to their families that this experience has changed them forever, David and Hale struggle with the hurdles of life as formerly incarcerated men, asking the question: can you really go home again?

Saturday, November 18th, 2017 at 7:30 pm - $10 / General Admission or HIFF Kaua'i Pass

Director: Hoon Jang | Year: 2017  | Runtime: 137 minutes  |  Language: Korean with English subtitles

Genre: Drama, History

May, 1980, Seoul. Demonstrations denouncing the martial law proclaimed by the dictator Chun Doo-hwan disrupt the routine of Man-seob, a cranky taxi driver who curses the protesters who prevent him from working. Raising his daughter alone after the death of his wife, Man-seob is crushed by debt. Every fare counts. When he hears a colleague boast that he’s about to receive a colossal sum for taking a Westerner to Gwangju, Man-seob rushes to the rendezvous point to rob him of his client, a German journalist calling himself Peter. The latter intends to investigate clandestinely rumors that Gwangju is under siege by the army and that the government has cut off all communication between the city and the rest of the country. Man-seob, however, has no idea what he has embarked on.​

Friday, November 17th, 2017 at 6:00 pm - $10 / General Admission or HIFF Kaua'i Pass

Director: Tearepa Kahi  | Year: 2016  | Runtime: 94 minutes  |  Language: English

Genre: Culture, Documentary, Music, Native/Indigenous Peoples

‘Poi E’, a simple song with a catchy beat released 32 years ago, has become New Zealand’s unofficial national anthem. With humor, energy and emotion, the movie POI E is the story of how that iconic song gave pride to generations of New Zealanders.

Saturday, November 18th, 2017 at 3:15 pm - $10 / General Admission or HIFF Kaua'i Pass

Director: Kenji Kamiyama  | Year: 2017  | Runtime: 111 minutes  |  Language: Japanese (English subtitles)

Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi

The year is 2020, three days before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics. While she should be studying for her exams, Kokone Morikawa is often dozing off, stuck between reality and a dream-world full of fantastic motorized contraptions. But after her father, a talented but mysterious mechanic, is arrested for stealing technology from a powerful corporation, it’s up to Kokone and her childhood friend Morio to save him. Together they realize that Kokone’s dream-world holds the answers to the mystery behind the stolen tech, and they embark on a journey that traverses dreams and reality, city and country, and past and present. Their mission uncovers a trail of clues to her father’s disappearance and ultimately a surprising revelation about Kokone’s family.

Friday, November 17th, 2017 at 8:15 pm - $10 / General Admission or HIFF Kaua'i Pass

Director: Byung-Gil Jung  | Year: 2017  | Runtime: 123 minutes  |  Language: Korean (English subtitles)

Genre: Action, Thriller

Bloody revenge is at the heart of this stylish, kinetic action-thriller that gives a welcome shot of adrenaline to the classic femme fatale story. Honed from childhood into a merciless killing machine by a criminal organization, assassin Sook-hee is recruited as a sleeper agent with the promise of freedom after ten years of service. But soon enough, secrets from her past destroy everything she’s worked for, and now nobody can stand in her way as she embarks on a roaring rampage of revenge.

hawai'i international film festival - Nov 16th - 19th

Sunday, November 19th, 2017 at 12:30 pm - $10 / General Admission or HIFF Kaua'i Pass

Director: Various  | Year: 2017  | Runtime: 90 minutes  |  Language: English

Genre: Short Films all made in Hawaiʻi

KA PIKO | Director: Bryson Chun | 14 minutes | Genre: Drame, Native/Indigenous Peoples

    When his girlfriend dies during childbirth, Makana, a young Native Hawaiian man who struggles to relate to his

    cultural identity, must perform a piko burying ritual with his girlfriendʻs father.

LADY EVA | Directors: Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson | 11 minutes | Genre: Documentary, LGBT, Native/Indigenous Peoples

    A transgender girl in the South Pacific Kingdom of Tonga sets off to become her true self - with a little help from Tina

   Turner along the way

WILDER PALMS | Director: Bradley Tangonan | 13 minutes | Genre: Drama, Social Issues

    Wilder Palms is a short film set in Hawaiʻi about a seven-year old girl named Rin who is on the verge of being

    separated by her mother. After a tense encounter with a CPS worker, Rin is forced to choose between retreating to

    her imagination or facing a new reality.

KEEP YOU FLOAT | Directors: Alika Maikau, Jonah Okano | 15 minutes | Genre: Coming of Age, Drama

    In the heart of the Pacific, five friends are tasked with a substantial decision, which forces them to examine their

    relationships amongst each other. On the island of Oʻahu, Nainoa struggles to cope with the loss of his good friend.

I AM BECAUSE YOU ARE | Director: Stefan Schaefer | 20 minutes | Genre: Coming of Age, Drama, Senior/Aging

    When Kaiea, a twelve-year-old on Maui, learns his grandfather is suffering from Alzheimer’s, he’s desperate to build

    a machine capable of recording and storing memories before it’s too late.

JUVENTUD | Director: Austin Everett | 12 minutes | Genre: Action, Fantasy, Period/Historical

    On the last leg of his journey, a Spanish conquistador inches closer to his mythical destination within the South

    American jungle.

ARCHIVES OF EXTINCTION | Alyse Takayesu | 12 minutes | Genre: Documentary, Environment, Ethnographic

    For centuries, scientists have transformed living birds into dried, stuffed, and otherwise preserved scientific

    specimens. Today, scientists contemplate transforming these lifeless specimens into living birds through the

    emerging science of de-extinction. Exploring these transformations, Archives of Extinction evokes questions about

    the human role in de-animating and re-animating forms of life and in disassembling past and reassembling future


PRAISE SONG FOR OCEANIA | Justyn Ah Chong | 5 minutes | Genre: Environment, Native/Indigenous Peoples

    “Praise Song for Oceania” is a short film-poem about the ecology, history, politics, and cultures of the ocean. The

    poem was written by Chamorro author Craig Santos Perez, and the video was created by Hawaiian filmmaker Justyn

    Ah Chong. 

U | Director: Lala Openi | 5 minutes | Genre: LGBT, Romance

    Through spoken word, we follow Openi — an introverted, introspective, Chinese-diasporic queer on the cusp of a

    solar return — as they reflect on the nuances and intricacies of the relationship between their lover and themself.

    This autobiographical self-portrait explores themes of lust, idealism, non-attachment, and the notion of the meeting

    of soul-mates as both an intensely gratifying and autodidactic experience.  

Sunday, November 19th, 2017 at 7:15 pm - $10 / General Admission or HIFF Kaua'i Pass
HAWAI'I: KULEANA (World Premiere)

Director: Brian Kohne | Year: 2017  | Runtime: 95 minutes  |  Language: English

Genre: Drama

Kuleana is the Hawaiian word for spiritual responsibility. In 1971, few understood the concept of kuleana, as the Hawaiian Renaissance, a reawakening of island culture, had yet to begin and ancient customs and values teetered on the precipice of extinction. On Maui, childhood friends Nohea and Kim share a common nemesis: Kim's father, Victor Coyle, a real-estate developer who blatantly exploits the land and the people he has managed to usurp and control.  Ancestral spirits and modern day warriors also contribute to the fight as Nohea and Kim learn the most important lesson: kuleana is not a burden; it is a privilege.

Saturday, November 18th, 2017 at 1:30 pm - $10 / General Admission or HIFF Kaua'i Pass
AUSTRALIA: BLUE (United States Premiere)

Director: Karina Holden  | Year: 2017  | Runtime: 76 minutes  |  Language: English

Genre: Documentary, Environmental, Social Issues

Half of all marine life has been lost in the last 40 years. By 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish. The way the ocean operates is different to how we thought of it 100 years ago. We can no longer think of it as a place of limitless resources, a dumping ground, immune to change or decline.

BLUE takes us on a provocative journey into the ocean realm, witnessing a critical moment in time when the marine world is on a precipice. Featuring passionate advocates for ocean preservation, BLUE takes us into their world where the story of our changing ocean is unfolding. We meet those who are defending habitats, campaigning for smarter fishing, combating marine pollution and fighting for the protection of keystone species. This feature documentary comes at a time when we are making critical decisions that will decide the legacy we leave for generations to come. BLUE shows us there is a way forward and the time to act is now.

OPENING NIGHT: Thursday, November 16th, 2017 at 7:00 pm - Event Price: $40/General Admission

Director: Alexander Bocchieri  | Year: 2017  | Runtime: 90 minutes  |  Language: English

Genre: Drama, History, War

Set in the tumultuous year after the attack on Pearl Harbor, this true story follows a group of University of Hawaii ROTC students as they fight discrimination by forming the Varsity Victory Volunteers (VVV). The brave actions of these young Japanese Americans (including a young Daniel Inouye), along with the perseverance of the original 100th Infantry Battalion draftees from Hawaii, led to the formation of the all-Japanese fighting unit - the 442nd - the most decorated combat unit in American military history.

Producer Stacey Hayashi’s initial curiosity on the story of Japanese Americans in Hawaii, which led to an almost two decade journey to put their definitive stories into pop entertainment — from short films, to a graphic novel called JOURNEY OF HEROES to finally GO FOR BROKE: AN ORIGIN STORY, an intended first chapter of hopefully several more films that present the spectrum of stories of these young Japanese Americans, their families and all of Hawaii, and how their efforts became one of the most important benchmarks in American history. 

Sunday, November 19th, 2017 at 4:45 pm - $10 / General Admission or HIFF Kaua'i Pass

Director: Jason Chan, Christian Lee | Year: 2017  | Runtime: 121 minutes  |  Language: English, Japanese with English subtitles

Genre: Drama, Food, Romance

Ryan (Jason Chan) is an ambitious Singaporean chef working in Tokyo. When his food critic wife Yuki suddenly disappears, it leaves him reeling. In an effort to find her, he sets off to her hometown in Okinawa searching for clues. While Yuki is nowhere in sight, he discovers flavors beyond his imagination at her father’s restaurant.  With the help of Yuki’s childhood friend Nami, Ryan decides he must convince Yuki’s father to teach him his secret recipes. At first incredibly reluctant, her father finally relents to teaching him. Though Ryan’s Tokyo-style cooking won’t fly in this kitchen. But when Yuki’s father suddenly falls ill, will Ryan have what it takes to take over the family business? And will he win back Yuki along the way?

Sunday, November 19th, 2017 at 2:45 pm - $10 / General Admission or HIFF Kaua'i Pass

Director: Nadine Truong  | Year: 2017  | Runtime: 110 minutes  |  Language: English

Genre: Coming of Age, Drama, Family Friendly

Depressed foster youth Ben is bullied and as a result gets into a car accident. His recovery process is slow, until he meets Adrienne, a wheelchair user and fellow patient at the hospital who breathes hope into his life and introduces to him her grandfather, Taekwondo Master Kang. Kang not only teaches him how to walk and get back up on his feet, but also how to take charge of his own life. Ben ultimately learns how to face his inner demons.

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